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The Butterfly Effect

COVID - 19 In the last months or so we’ve been increasingly bombarded by news, fake or otherwise as well as videos, posts, pictures, jokes, songs, support groups, podcasts and everything else related to COVID-19.  Face masks, disposable gloves, Hazmat Suites became the new in-fashion while hand gels and toilet paper are worth their weight in gold. But here’s something I haven’t heard much and it’s partially what lies at the heart of the problem - CHOICE!  More precisely our ability to choose.  Sidetracking a bit... In the early 50’s tobacco companies already knew the dangers associated with smoking and yet smoking was positively advertised and in some cases recommended by doctors as part of a healthy successful lifestyle.  Fast forward 40 years and we were at the beginning of a huge campaign to change the relationship 'The World' had with cigarettes - through education and information the stuff became uncool, no longer a desirable commodity; some of the

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